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The WIN Group has been an integral part of Haiti throughout four generations. Like so many organizations in the country, we have suffered great loss, both in human life and in the enterprises we operate. The challenges before our nation are great, and the task to rebuild is daunting.  But, build again we will. The Haitian people are not only warm and loving, but extremely hard-working. We will seize this opportunity to reconstruct our country, and continue the positive strides that had been underway before this tragedy. Haiti has the commitment of every single individual associated with WIN Group to help it rise again.  It is our desire, our duty, and we will see through to a brighter future together.

The WIN Group is a large Caribbean conglomerate with stakes in diverse industries such as warehousing, storage, port operations and ethanol processing. Family-owned and operated, the Mevs’ holdings have had a significant impact on Haiti through social service-based endeavors and support of numerous organizations that provide both immediate relief and long-term infrastructure development.

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June 30, 2012     Gregory Mevs, Haitian Ambassador of Trade and Investment, demonstrated the opportunities that the business community of The Bahamas had in Haiti. Read More

June 26, 2012     Haiti is targeting up to $600 million in foreign investment next year, and according to its trade ambassador, The Bahamas has a tremendous opportunity to get in on the action. Read More

August 16, 2011     The TLC Group has entered into a long-term agreement with the WIN Group for the establishment of a cement terminal on five acres of land at Terminal Varreux in Port-au-Prince. Read More

June 14, 2010     Six months after Haiti earthquake, BNN speaks to Youri Mevs, president, Haitian Economic Development Foundation, and managing director, WIN Group. Watch Video

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